cRaZy busy days

Lots of stuff converging… gardening/harvesting, managing the flock of growing lambs and kids, housekeeping chores… and the simple act[s] of day-to-day living.

Among all the activities, Katie & I have been focusing some attention on a few 4H Armada Fair projects, namely dairy product and fiber art. Two topics/categories which are natural  for ‘us’ since our lives are spent around our dairy goat(s) and small flock of Shetland sheep [that is, fiber].

When we became owners of a pair of dairy does [six years ago], we were naive in the ways of goatkeeping. We have learned [and continue to learnso very much from our sweet goat friends! Our goat dairy [consumable] 4H project is chosen each year with focus on a particular country/culture… and then the  research/trials begin. For example, France/Chevre, Greece/Feta, Italy/Ricotta, and so on. Last year we chose England/Cheddar, in honor of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee! This year, Katie chose Mexico!

But, today’s post is a sneak peek on one of her wooly fiber art possibilities for Fair. This wooly project involves several techniques/skills: wet felting in the flat, 3D wet felting, needle felting, a little sewing, knitting and machine felting.


I know what you’re think’n, but I didn’t have anything to do with Katie’s SHEEPY choice!!! I like this project because it represents the wonderful natural color/pattern(s) of the Shetland sheep!!! It requires NO SPECIAL TOOLS – anyone can do it! Katie will be able to share the various ‘how-to’ fiber’n techniques with the judge. I think this little sheepy[pillow] turned out quite well…even if she doesn’t make it to the Armada Fair. Katie has a couple more wooly fiber art project in the works…

Happy fiber’n!

2 thoughts on “cRaZy busy days

  1. What a great idea, country/cheese! I like that alot, though I don’t don’t know how to use the like button…

    • Hi Chris! Thanks! It seemed a good place to start…the judges love when they see Katie coming cuz they know they’ll get something good to eat! Katie also uses a dollar store child’s book & makes an altered scrapbook on history of cheese, recipe, how-to, etc to accompany her ‘cheese’. It’s an inexpensive way to document 4H project!

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