goat kids are introduced to lavender…

I’ve been working in the garden(s) the past couple of days [and have the blisters to prove it]. Lots and lots of ‘volunteer’ lavender seedlings/plants happily growing in the footpaths! I hate to pull-up and discard [compost] lavender. So, on a cool-ish, cloudy day, I tenderly removed and offered ‘free’ bare-root transplants for anyone willing to adopt and pick-up a few [three dozen] lavender plants. They’re mostly hidcote and munstead variety.


These are the freebies! I ‘offered’ them up to a good gardening home on fb and had a taker within minutes! 😀


I have RECLAIMED the footpath in my rose garden! HOORAY! …and not one lavender plant was ‘wasted’.

I moved on to another lavender garden [our lavender bloom is late this year] to weed, trim and transplant a few more lavender volunteers!

Here’s what I did with the lavender trimmings!


I tossed the ‘trimmings’ into the baby goat kids’ pen!


A crowd soon formed: ‘What is this stuff?’ they inquired.


They inspected it closely…


…and began to rub their heads into the heady-smelling plant!


It smells so good…they considered taking a nap in it!


YIPPI! Goats love lavender too!!! Have a great weekend!!!

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