gardening aftermath

I pruned our wisteria this past weekend [after blooming].


I should have taken a before and after picture. But, the camera was in the house and I didn’t think of it earlier! [duh?]


It’s practically a yearly chore now… wild and crazy growth that shades most of the under-plantings. It engulfs the pergola!!! BTW, the goats like to eat it!


I only fell off my stool once…and my poor arms are soooooo tired from working overhead!! I’d like to take a buzz-saw and chop about a foot or two off the TOP!! BZZZZZZZZ!!!!


Let there be light!!! Don’t worry all my gardening fans, it will re-grow rapidly and my hack-job won’t look so bad! 🙂

pergola int

Phew!! Cross that chore off the to-do list!!!

2 thoughts on “gardening aftermath

  1. We battle our wisteria yearly as well. It’s crazy how far out it can send runners! Your pergola is lovely!

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