a lifetime [reduced]

Hello friends! I want to share a moment, a thought, from this past week. Last Thursday I made a quick trip into our little town of Armada [less than a ten minute drive] to fetch an item or two for dinner. At the stop sign at the end of our dirt road, I noticed an ‘Estate Sale‘ sign and a few more strategically placed signs at several ‘main’ road intersections.

On my return trip home from town, I made a right turn, instead of left, in the direction of the Estate Sale… not more than five minutes from my house [mostly out of curiosity, since I had about ten dollars in my wallet]. No worries of impulse buying here!!! The Estate Sale ran Thurs/Fri/Sat 9 – 6.

Why do ‘we’ love to sneak-a-peak into someone’s life, home, private domain?? At the sale, my neighbors I never knew, had a home filled with a diverse collection of art – from eclectic ceramic pottery, glassware, china, handmade quilts, handknits, stained glass galore, beautiful ‘African’ wood sculptures, landscape paintings, lovely antique pieces of furniture [a dry sink and blanket chest caused me to drool a bit], tools [band saws, grinders, palm sanders, etc] and a houseful of sooooo much more! I’ll tell you I felt like I was invading someone’s privacy as I meandered from room to room!

As I made my meager incidental purchase of a few ‘sun-catchers’ for my back porch [for less than $10 mind you], I inquired into the where-a-bouts of the homeowners? The sale attendees told me that the surviving widow was 83 and recently moved into a nursing/care facility. Her husband had passed several years earlier. Were there no surviving relatives, children perhaps?? I’ll never know… I didn’t have the courage to inquire further.

I returned to the sale again on Friday, for a 30% reduction on three wool blankets already aired & laundered.

wool blanket1

You know my attraction to wool!!! [sigh]

wool blankets

…and then again on Saturday [the final day], with The Hubs in tow. Perhaps he would find some tools at a bargain price, but, they were already snatched-up!

However, I purchased these two ceramic/pottery pieces at 50% reduction, the last day of the sale! Love ’em or leave ’em??


I have this ‘thingy’ for hand-sculpted pottery [a candelabra & vase].


As we drove away, The Hubs commented, ‘How sad to have a life reduced to a yard sale.’  Certainly, something to contemplate.

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