10 thoughts on “How It’s Made: WOOL

  1. Interesting, Sheeps are so cute, Thank You for the Wool! I hope you sheeps are not harmed during the process.

    • Thanks for visiting! You’re right, sheep are wonderful creatures and I am thoroughly enjoying my four little lambs at the moment! Shearing (removing the wool fleece) usually occurs once per year in the Spring and the sheep are not harmed by the process, although occasionally they may receive a knick or two (like shaving!). Their natural lanolin quickly heals!

      • Well that’s good to hear. One day I would love to travel to a farm to see the process. I will have to put that on my bucket list for next year. Question: if the wool is shaven off what protects their skin from the elements? Perhaps that was explained in the film but I wasn’t able to finish watching the film yet.

      • Good question! Even tho the wool is sheared with electric clippers (or hand sheared with blades), there’s still a bit of ‘stubble’ not really down-to-the-skin naked…and their natural oils/lanolin protects them. However, some ‘white’ sheep may get sunburned also…although, most of the sheepies typically have some indoor/outdoor shelter provided.

        May I suggest perhaps attending a local fiber festival???

      • Fiber festival? I never heard of this type of festival before. I have to google to see what’s in my area. What time during the year are these festivals held?

      • There are many fiber events held throughout the year, by both small business/farms and larger State/wool grower organizations. Maryland hosts their fiber festival in May; NY has it’s Rhinebeck in October. Michigan hosts their fiber fest in August in addition to other fiber festivals in Ann Arbor, Charlevoix, Lamb & Wool Festival in Sept, etc…heavenly!!!

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