goodness, not another sheepy project?!

Well, yes! If you know me at all, I never get tired of making sheepy anything(s). This project was a little ‘gift’ to self [a belated Mother’s Day gift perhaps?]! Call me a one-trick-pony, but I am passionate about making sheep! Each sheep/project is as ‘ewe’-nique as each one of my small flock of Shetland sheep. They’re such peaceable creatures… I can sit for hours in the grass with a lamb or two in my lap… and they love it!

This was a very easy peasy, quickie, kid-proof wet felting project. I made them for ME to be used as sheepy coasters, ya know, to protect your furniture from drinkies. But, you may call them trivets, mug rugs, or use them as sheep ornies, package tie-ons. String them together for a sheepy garland/banner… whatever you like? Now, what sheep-loving, fiber art, knitter, etc. wouldn’t love one of these sheepies?

sheepyhollow dahlia

A sheep of many colors…

sheepy hollow blk_brown

…and different personalities!

sheepy hollow_moorit

shh white trivet

sheepy hollow nf legs

sheepy hollow popsicle legs

sheepy hollow twig legs

shh_ trivets

My new sheepy ‘coasters’ to replace a mish-mash of my old braided heart coasters!


‘Gifted’ to me!


Look for a how-to workshop coming soon! Happy fiber’n!

3 thoughts on “goodness, not another sheepy project?!

  1. Hi, this is Fred, Cheryl Arakelian’s friend. I found something in my barn she said you would want.

    It is a 2-horse hitch. No buggy or horses. It is something you would hang on a barn

    Plus several other hitch-bars and leather parts.

    Le t me know if you’d like it, and we can dicker.

    Fred Buike

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