weeping cherry

Life is all about balance, don’t you think? Every Spring, I ‘feel’ a bit OFF-balance and overwhelmed by chores, but, this year even more than usual! To admit that I’m ‘fine’ would be a correct statement via the movie ‘The Italian Job” definition of F.I.N.E., that is, “F” – freaked-out, “I” – insecure, “N” – neurotic and “E” – emotional.

SPRING is one huge juggling act between garden/yard work, routine housework, lack of fiber art – which is a life-saver for me – , Katie’s graduation and babies, babies, babies! Oh my goodness, I need a bigger refrigerator for all those goat kid baby bottles! Coriander [aka Corey], my Oberhasli, is thankfully keeping up with the milk demand! I don’t think there will be surplus milk for me and cheese making yet! 😦

I’m still very “E” emotional over the loss of my milker, Cassie. I’m monitoring Corey’s temperature twice-a-day for any hidden sign of post-kidding trauma? At 57-years young, I’m also seriously considering going back to school to become a Veterinary Tech (also partially due to the realization that I’ll be an ’empty nester’ next Fall and need more to-do!!?).

I’m definitely “F” freaked-out with constantly checking-up on my prego sheepies too! I want to mention that (from our kitchen table) we can see out into the sheep pasture and Cassie’s grave on the hilltop. Almost every evening at dusk, we see Reese’s twin lambs hop, dance and spring off Cassie’s grave!! (sigh). Kind-of reminds me of the lions resting on Fitch’s grave in the movie “Out of Africa”. I think Cassie would like that!

Anyway, I digress! My solution to time-management? A list of things to-do and little bites, lots of little bites! My list often gets longer/grows compared to the items I’ve managed to cross-off (haha). But, I think that’s a good thing since there’s never a dull moment or a lack of things to-do around here!


For example, aren’t these the sweetest ‘cheese’ markers? I have a kiln and I would like to make something similar in pottery/ceramic! I L.O.V.E. all the galvanized ‘platters’ too!!

Well, my chore to-do list isn’t getting any shorter, so I better get a move-on!!


2 thoughts on “[balance]

  1. Another thing we have in common I’m a 57 years young F.I.N.E. mother with more things to do on my list than I can possibly get done. I’m with you all the way.

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