…flea market finds

I found a few simple treasures at our local flea market this past weekend that I thought I’d share.


A primitive iron rooster/chicken candle stand for $5 for my MIL [who collects chickens]… for mother’s day perhaps? I’m sure I have a pillar-type candle somewhere in the house.

pewter foal

This tiny collectible pewter foal for $1, for my daughter Katie, who’s a horse-lover like her ma!

wood goat


Last, I couldn’t refuse this sweet wood goat for $7… for ME! You don’t find too many goaty things very often! I know she’s a Nubian [from the floppy ears and Roman nose], but I thought it would look cute with my handcrafted goat’s milk soap display! Anyway, I just love ALL goats too!

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