I am thankful for a hubs who is ‘happy’ [hee hee..for the most part] to oblige my almost every sheep and goat whimsies!!!

This weekend, we moved the kids from the nursery into their new ‘temporary’ loafing pen! Happy goats love to hop, skip and play!!

loafing pen

They have an in-and-out protected stall/pen area in addition to this little romp area. Don’t ‘ya just love Tractor Supply Company (TSC), T-posts, hog panels and zip ties?!? eeeeeee!

loafing pen1


They provide endless hours of entertainment for Katie’s horses (Neo and Nash)!



Look, green grass!



My sweet goat kids! The tallest head [second from the left] is Cassie’s daughter. She left a little bit of herself behind [sniff], so you know I’ll be keeping her!!!

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