4 thoughts on “[bittersweet]

  1. Oh those poor babies. Be it human or animal, I’m heartbroken by the thought of a baby without its mama.

    On another note, how can I buy your yarn?

    • Thank you dear friend… the babies are all well, happy and absolutely loved!! Farm-life is not all joy and giggles! I am distraught over the loss of my doe and will take lots of prayer to overcome the cavalcade of emotions!

      [BTW, I have my millspun Shetland yarn listed on etsy…or private message me.]

  2. So sorry to hear about Cassie. I have a 10 year old doe who is living on borrowed time. I had her mother who died at 9. You’re just going to have to be a mommy to the kids(goats).

    • It’s always difficult to loose our lovely farm friends when they work so hard to provide delicious milk, fiber, companionship…Cassie left me too soon and for that I feel so ‘guilty’. What could I have done differently/what have I learned to do better next time? My critters make me ‘whole’ and I can’t imagine a day without them!

      I wish you well will your doe! I’m sure she has the best of care!! Hugs!

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