A somber morning…


In the early dawn, I watch my husband dig yet another grave on the little hilltop. I mourn the loss of my dearest Cassiopeia [aka Cassie], who gave me twins only 18-short days ago and a surplus of wonderful goat’s milk…already tipping the bucket in excess of eight plus pounds.

Within 36-hours of taking note that she was ‘off’ and an emergency barn visit by the vet, I lost her, in the blink of an eye, during the night. I have no words, only unanswered questions. I am consumed by the deepest sorrow…she took a piece of my heart and soul along with her! A somber farm morning indeed!

10 thoughts on “A somber morning…

  1. Dear Friend, You have my deepest sympathies. The loss of your sweet friend is deeply felt even through the distance of the internet. May your grief deepen your love for nature and all it’s splendor.

    • Thank you! I struggled whether to write about Cassie, but then, I thought that perhaps there’s someone out there that may have experienced a similar loss. No rhyme or reason, in spite of all the love and best of care, gone in the twinkle of an eye. She was my comfort and joy.

  2. I am so very sorry for your loss. Just days ago I read of the joy of the birth of all your ‘babies’ and now the sorrow of the loss of your dear Cassie.
    Hugs to you in this time of sadness.

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