…take five

Take five… as in give me a desperately needed break! It’s been a busy last couple of weeks. Our two dairy does have both kidded and I’m pleased to say all are doing well! The goat milk is flowing [I love the tranquility of hand-milking — a very happy place for me]… and my bottle-babies are drinking every last drop!

Cassiopeia’s, our OberhasliXAlpine doe, produced twins: a doe [Meriadoc Brandybuck a.k.a. ‘Merry’] and buckling [Peregrin Took a.k.a. ‘Pippin’]. This was Cassie’s second ‘freshening‘ [last year she produced a single buck kid] and is a very heavy milker, producing an excess of 8-pounds per day!! Her kids are now 16-days old and growing by leaps and bounds! BTW, my daughter Katie, decided on Lord of the Ring name theme for her goat kids this year!

Coriander, our Oberhasli dairy doe, produced triplets: two doelings [possibly ‘Arwen’ and ‘Eowyn’… too similar sounding for me???]  and a buckling [Gimli] last Thursday!  This was Corey’s third ‘freshening’ and her very first doelings! YAY! We were monitoring Corey’s progress hourly through the night when the ‘goo’ first appeared. At 1 a.m., we found the first doeling wet and in the straw, apparently missing the birth by minutes!

A peak of the second kid’s hind legs were already visible, slightly extending from Corey’s vagina, heel-up/toe-down! A quick pelvic exam also revealed a blockage… a large head… to the third kid… with no legs in view[by touch/feel, that is]… a malpresentation! Everything went blurry from there as I worked quickly [ no-time for hysterics if you want to save the kid/doe] to push the breech back into the womb in order to manipulate the large head of the fetus and identify corresponding legs. Thank God, we manage to deliver the buckling [aka Gimli] and shortly thereafter, retrieve the ‘breech’ doeling…all alive and well! Phew! TOO MUCH DRAMA!!! I NEED A VACATION!!! That’s why I never the the barnyard when babies are due…cuz you never know when mama may need a little help!


Corey’s triplets about 12-hours old, Gimli in the middle.


Goat kids on parade!


Exploring the great outdoors!


Happy goat family.







Looking for a good home soon!!!

4 thoughts on “…take five

  1. Oh, I wish I had the space to keep goats again! : ) 8 pounds a day from one doe is amazing! May I ask, is it common for your does to have mixed gender twins or triplets? Mostly I’m wondering if that’s breed specific?

    • Hello! I love my goats and their fresh milk! Soon I will be sharing the milk w/the babies…yum! Twins are ‘typical’ for standard dairy goat breeds and triplets are not uncommon, multiples (3 and more, 5 & 6) are more common for the smaller Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats!! They ‘say’ the buck contributes/determines the ‘sex’ of the kids…so look for a buck/history with propensity for doelings. To my knowledge, I don’t know that one breed produces more females than males! Most goat-keepers choose a breed for specific qualities [or availability in their area] such as size of goat/space available to raise them, butterfat content/for end use (cheesemaking), volume [if you have high demand for milk] and breed appearance, that is, if you adore floppy ears, ‘gopher’ ears, variety of color/pattern, personality, etc. Goats are companion animals and two goats should always be purchased for happy healthy goats!

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