It’s a gray day on the farm…lots of melting snow with temperature reaching nearly 50-degrees F. The ground is still frozen, resulting in drainage ‘issues’. The ice is still a problem too.


Along with the melting snow comes the runoff.


Most of the surrounding farmer fields have installed drain-tile. This increased run-off also poses a capacity problem for culverts… and flooding.

farmer north

Water, water, water…and rain in the forecast too.



So we dig through to ‘unplug’ the debris and send the water down to the creek.


Avoiding a submerged driveway and road.


Nevermind the culvert under the road is collapsed. The road commission simply dumped a load of gravel onto it…to fill the hole?!!!


So, we dig and repeat the process as necessary, to keep the water flowing!

3 thoughts on “runoff

  1. Hi Jenny, Great to see you yesterday. Looking for your email & ran across your website. It is very nice! Your farm looks much like ours right now – mud, water & some hold out ice. Thought I would contact you for Deb’s # so I can talk to her about the sock machine. My email :
    Thanks, Pam

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