one man’s junk [another’s treasure]

sheepyhollow_shetland color

Yesterday I acquired a bagful of miscellaneous yarn scraps, yarn sample cards, weaving project cut ends, etc from my favorite local yarn shop. You do know that I’m a junkie for anything fiber – somehow using scraps in ‘yet-to-be-imagined’ ways.

But, my most special discovery in my bag of goodies, was an old “Jamieson’s of Shetland / Jamieson’s Naturally Shetland” yarn color brochure. Did you know their specialty yarn is grown and spun in the Shetland Isles from 100% pure Shetland wool? The brochure includes yarn samples of the natural range of main Shetland colours ~ in their native Shetland dialect names [derive from the Norn language formerly spoken in Shetland]!

I’m happy to add this yarn brochure to my home library of Shetland Sheep resources! Thank you Heritage Spinning and Weaving!


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