growing my flock…


That is, growing my flock of sheepy cushions [aka sheepy tushy cushies]!




A variety of natural colored Shetland wool chair pads. Hardly made a dent in my Shetland wool fiber stash. Do you have a favorite??

6 thoughts on “growing my flock…

  1. My favorite is the brown sheep with black face, but they’re all lovely. How do you make them? They – or rather some like those would fit my “new” (2nd hand), hard, wooden chairs. And it’s a bit far to Michigan as I live in Denmark.

  2. Thanks for your answer. I’ve been gifted some fleeces, This would be a nice way to use the wool without having to spin it. You must have some extra big crochetting needles.

  3. Thanks again. That is one ginormous needle 😉 I think I just have to split the carded wool in a fitting thiknes and then crochet away. This project is next in line after winter’s socks for my kids.

    • Yes; I’ve seen roving processed by different wool mills with varying ‘thicknesses’. Simply ‘split’ the roving to suit your needs. Similarly, double-up on roving if too thin. Happy fiber’n.

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