frozen tundra


The frozen path  ice rink between my sheep, goats and I. The north side of the barn, a serious ‘design’ flaw.


Then again, my entire barnyard is a lumpy, treacherous sheet of ice. I walk softly and… slip ‘n slide and [ultimately] fall ~~~~~~ nearly daily! I think I need metal studs on the soles of my boots.  [Similar to the studded tires of dirt bikes when racing on frozen lakes – a popular sport of my brothers’!]


I think it’s best to ‘honker-down’ and wait for Spring!

Have I mentioned, I’m sooooooo ready for Spring!!!???

9 thoughts on “frozen tundra

    • Not to worry…actually, the sheep and goats pasture is on ‘high’ ground and has mostly snow! No salt/de-icing material required. We wouldn’t want to kill the grass nor have them eat ‘chemicals’. Shetlands are VERY hardy and leap [called ‘springing’] and play and seem unaffected by the cold & snow. The alley between my barn and garden in combo w/the frozen ground doesn’t allow for run-off of the freezing rain we had awhile ago. Hence, making a hazardous trek for me to get to the critters for feeding, water, etc.

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