A sheepy tree topper.

My family **once again** indulges me with a small 4-foot, table-top tree [a Salvation Army find] that’s decorated entirely with primitive hand-made sheepy ornies, garlands and more sheepies! Did I mention ALL sheepies?

You can read more about my sheepy tree how-to’s HERE.

However, this year, I thought it only fitting that my primitive sheepy tree [what else would you expect from a sheep-lover?] also has a sheepy tree-topper!? So, think think think!!!??? You don’t suppose I could FIND a sheepy tree topper somewhere???

You’re gonna laugh at my solution! I have a few old/vintage tin graters in my shop. I think they’re actually quite nice on a table setting (or outdoors lining a snowy walk) with the warm soft glow of tea/votive candle light! Nevertheless, I cut a piece of the already punched tin [bonus!] out of a cheese grater, drew a prim SHEEP on it, and with my trusted tin-snips, snipped snipped snipped out my sheep! HA! I even added a little ear. I temporarily ‘attached’ it to my tree-top with a piece of fine wire, but, hopefully The Hubbs can solder a ‘ring’ to the back of it!?

These pics aren’t the best [it’s been pretty gloomy/rainy outside] and the lighting is also poor! But, you get the idea.

sheep topper

…and another view.


I think this make-do sheepy topper suits me just fine!!

sheep topper1

What do you think?

sheep topper3

A re-use, re-purpose simple sheepy project… or any other scrappy tin ornie from a vintage cheese grater!

6 thoughts on “A sheepy tree topper.

  1. Now that tree topper is clever and cute! My Christmas tree is decorated almost entirely of lamb ornaments collected over 30 years. That’s a large flock of sheep!

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