Something constructive.

Weeooo! I’ve been busy busy busy! Busy with my farm shop ‘make-over’ (~which continues to evolve~) and re-opening***just in-time*** for the holiday ‘shopping’ season!

And, also busy with the barnyard menageries’ health preventative maintenance tasks [ie trimming feet, worming, breeding plans, winterizing, etc.]. Then there’s the busy-ness of the veggie garden(s) clean-up, storing of garden hoses and draining outside spigots, decorating, cooking and cleaning and re-cleaning [I hosted the family Thanksgiving celebration and had to clean my dining room!!! eeek!!!].

Then there’s the fun, but, seemingly endless holiday preparations/decorating… best taken in small dosages!!

I’ve had several outstanding special requests that have been pushed to the back-burner, and only now getting around to responding! So, please forgive me while I may be late, I’ve not forgotten them!!

This is an oldie…. remember our goat play fort that we re-constructed/salvaged [whoa…back in 2009] from the demo of our now-grown children’s play fort? You can read the original post here.

…and another view

ooops! That’s a nosey goat’s nose!!!

Ahhhh! That’s better! I’ve had a number of requests for dimensions/drawings, but honestly, you can build whatever suits your needs. We were limited by the amount of salvaged wood to work with…with the exception of the roofing material which we purchased from Lowe’s. The goat FORT has been a wonderful addition to the barnyard – especially loved by the goat kids every Spring [and adult goats too!]. It provides additional housing as well as exercise and entertainment!

So, here’s a really rough sketch of measurements to start you off…from which you can modify to meet your own goat needs/budget.

I hope this ~not very professional~ sketch helps with the design of your very own goat fort!! Your goats are going to LOVE it!!!


2 thoughts on “Something constructive.

  1. I am looking for elderberry jam or jelly for an elderly friend was hoping you might have some for sale,please let me know thanks.

    • My elderberry shrubs have all but dried-up over the past several HOT summers…but, I have a friend who wildcrafts elderberry and makes jam/jelly. I’ll inquire on your behalf and see if he has any available! 🙂

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