keeping up…

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hello dear friends! it’s been a little over a week since my unfortunate tumble down the stairs… but, i’m happy to report that i’m ‘doing’ much better! i’ve been resuming some of my routine household duties – thank goodness for the support of loved ones!

yesterday i abstained from all pain relievers (the usual dose of 600-mg ibuprofen) — and ventured out to my mom’s to deliver fresh goat milk and farm-fresh eggs! yay!

when i finally returned home, i helped with barnyard chores. i even managed to do a little prep-work [ie sanding w/hubby’s palm-sander] on an old farm cupboard that i use for this ‘n that storage in the drying barn! since the weather forecast predicts unusual mid-70’s for the next day or two, i was hoping to take advantage and re-paint that old cupboard! talk about EAT dust and die!!! ugh!

alas, by dinner-time i was feeling my aches and pains and reached for the ibuprofen.

my To-Do list continues to grow and soon i’ll have to make adjustments to it – what i want versus the reality of what is actually do-able – in time for my holiday open house Nov 10 & 11. i’m hoping to ‘sell’ much… to pave the way for ‘new’ endeavors [so much to learn!].

wishing you a week of fruitful endeavors!!

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