weekend UNdoings

This pic is worth a thousand words! Early Saturday morning I fell down three stairs [from the house into the garage] on my back. I was unable to get up and thought for sure I broke – something – something very seriously wrong! I believe I fainted and experienced nausea from the intense searing pain. Five hours later in the hospital emergency room, I received the good news that I had NO broken bones! My guardian angel was indeed watching over me.

So, today I continue to lay motionless – with a heating pad, Motrin and my cat – waiting for my body to heal itself with the help of God’s good grace. And, giving thanks for ALL the little things in my life I take for granted.

Perhaps, today, I’ll have the strength to get out the knitting needles…

14 thoughts on “weekend UNdoings

  1. Here’s where comphrey tea or a poultice comes into the picture. It’s knickname is knit bone. I myself have experienced some awesome healing from this wonderful herb. A couple of years back I thought I had turned off the electric fence and with feed scoop in hand I proceeded to step over the fence. Did I get the shock of my life. The scoop went flying and so did I landing on my right thigh.(First make sure no one saw that). I didn’t break any bones but ice and some comphrey poultices made me right as rain, along with a prayer. I feel your pain. The shock is almost as bad as the hurt. Wish I was there to knit with you. Take care:)

  2. We were out your way during the Color Tour and drove by to see if you were open. Oh Gosh–how scary! Thank goodness your guardian angel was close by. Rest and Heal. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

  3. Owwwwww! I don’t know you, but I so love your blog. Did you say you fell a while ago also? A friend had a couple of falls and turned out to be B12 deficient. You can get tested. We don’t absorb as well as we get older. Shots or the sublingual form work best. Heal well!

    • Thank you! I did fall awhile ago…I used the seat of the rowing exercise machine (in the basement) as a stool to reach the top shelf. I knew as soon as I stepped on it, it was a DUMB idea, and slipped out from under me!!! BAM!!! As I lay flat out on all that steel!! Ouch! Is that stupid or what????

      Again, Saturday, I was racing about in my stocking feet and slipped on the first step — wheeeee — down all three wood steps on my back! If I had only slowed down and taken a little care, I wouldn’t be suffering now! How foolish!!! I will check-up on your B12 suggestion though!! đŸ˜‰

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