weekend doings

It was a beautiful Fall weekend filled with the usual barnyard chores… and then some.

Number one son was home to collect necessary ‘gear’ for an upcoming working field trip to New Mexico with students from his Mineralogy class. So, that provided me with the opportunity to also ‘gear’ him up with provisions (that is, home-cooked food & sustenance). A few favs – at least to get him and his roommate – through the next week or so without the additional task of preparing a meal. Something quick & easy including a batch of Swedish meatballs, BBQ pulled pork ~ and for the sweet tooth ~ three-layed brownies.

I also managed to squeeze in a bit more progress tidying-up the workshop. I now have more SPACE available for upcoming projects and the ability to host classes (or knitting/spinning drop-ins, etc) once again. Classes are [currently] seasonal and relegated to the drying barn. Of course, I’m still primping, cleaning, and re-packaging/labeling product… but, I like the shop’s freshening &  re-organization!

Speaking of the drying barn, why didn’t I think of re-painting the floor [black and white stripes] sooner!!? Not much progress there, since the air temperature was not guaranteed to remain above 50 F for 24-hours for the paint to cure. Nevertheless, it’s a slow go, since the barn is ‘full’ of stuff and everything has to be temporarily shifted to one side and then the other in order to get access to the floor! ugh!

In the thick of it all, I also attended a baby shower on Saturday and had a very pleasant visit with mom and younger sis who were also out ‘n about enjoying the Fall colors!

Hope you enjoy your week!

5 thoughts on “weekend doings

    • What a small world… isn’t it??? My son, Matt, is a student at the University of Michigan. I know the site in NM is popular for geology students. We have pretty interesting mines here in MI also!! I wish the students all a safe & awesome learning experience!

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