Laundry Room

Gardening chores are winding down and I’m already contemplating ‘winter’ projects. One that’s long overdue – and I’m totally pumped about – is tackling my laundry room. Now, my house side-entrance [mind you, it’s the entrance most used] is thru the garage and directly into our mud room {aka laundry room}! What a stupid design idea… who wants to see laundry upon entering your humble abode???

It would make more sense (to me) to squirrel it away in some interior house space (I’d relegate it to the basement if I wasn’t getting up in years – hahaha). I have to admit, there’s NOT much I can do with my laundry room which consists of washer, dryer, single utility tub and bank of ‘builder’s standard’ (another word for cheap) overhead cabinets. I do like the subway tile flooring.

My laundry room re-do will basically consist of stripping off the wallpaper, re-painting the walls and possibly PAINTING the existing cabinets [to brighten the space], add more shelving to the closet, and replace the ‘fiberglass utility tub’ with a charming vintage tub [yet to be found!!!].

If only I had more SPACE to work with… I would l.o.v.e. a huge utilitarian farm sink and a window for natural light too! A work table (for folding laundry AND a parking zone for groceries) would be awesome.




It’s fun to dream, isn’t it???

4 thoughts on “Laundry Room

  1. I can’t even get my ceiling painted in my open kitchen,dining room, living room. My laundry room is in the basement and it doubles as a honey extracting room and a room to cut up meat after we butcher something. Oh, do I need to mention it has shelves of canned food too, and an extra fridge for garden overload and a freezer for all the meat. I like the second picture best, I’m not into a lot of white. For what that’s worth:}

  2. I’m in the same “boat” or er laundry room…just paint it an “enlarging” color and put a border up…”It’s a jungle in here!” across from the window that has a roman shade done in a butterfly/fern print and call it good !

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