{wooly} cookies anyone?

How about a NO-SEW  [and NO-BAKE] simple, quick wooly project??

Call them ‘cookies’ or decorative trivet, mug rug, prim ornie, package tie-on, or whatever you like! It’s a quick, kid-friendly,  no special skills/tools required wooly project!


You’ll need wool roving or batt. I used all natural colors, but you could spice it up with wild and funky hand-dyed!

I worked my project in a 14-inch X 17-inch dish pan (actually, a kitty litter box) and managed to cut-out (12) one dozen 3-3/4-inch diameter ‘trivets’.

Begin (like most wet felting projects) layering your wool; first layer, north & south, next layer east & west and so on. Build your layers carefully (so there are no holes/thin spots) once you begin wet felting. HINT: You’ll want a somewhat DENSE finished piece of felt (especially if you intend to use them as a coaster or mug rug). I used a gray/silver roving as my first layer – for a finished no-sew contrast. However, you could sew a piece of wool fabric on the bottom of each ‘coaster’.

Once I was satisfied with my density/layers, I added a dollop of white/natural roving and a few crimpy wool staples to the top (these will be my sheepies). You could also add faces and legs to the sheep at this stage – but – the process of wet felting tends to ‘move’ things around a bit… appearing a little abstract. You could also have a little fun and add bits of novelty yarn for funky wild and textured sheep! Remember – no two are alike!!

Now, prepare a pitcher of hot soapy water (a squirt of Dawn liquid dish soap) and carefully pour hot water over your piece – so NOT to mess-up your ‘design’. Just enough to soak your wool fibers. Moosh and goosh and begin to agitate, alternating hot and cold water until you have a finished piece of felt. Turn and work both sides… remember your wool will ‘shrink’ in the direction you’re working it. Drain & towel blot.

Crimpy wool staples and the ‘flip’ side of my trivet. Notice the ‘thickness’ of the finished trivet. HINT: I cut my trivets (approx. 3-3/4 inches) while my felt was still wet; tug & block a bit if necessary to shape. Finally, I needle felted the head and legs. For a slightly more finished look, you could add a blanket stitch all around the perimeter… but, I tend to like the prim finish!

BAM! One done…eleven to go!

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