Post Fair Week

It’s been a little over a week since the end of Fair! I’m happy to settle back into my routine. Katie’s 4-H market lamb project was a great learning experience, but, I have to admit, I’m missing her rowdy boyz – Pistol Pete and City Slicka’. They were so funny to watch (cheap entertainment) freely galloping (springing) around the yard with Katie like a couple of huge puppy dogs! It was bittersweet – to have them auctioned off – realizing their ultimate purpose/destination. A lot of hard work and credit goes to ALL the 4-H livestock project kids and a huge thanks to ALL the buyers for their support!

Besides catching-up with a never-ending chore list including picking, canning, preserving, re-planting… I’ve been working on updating my farm shop sign that hangs at the end of my driveway. A coat of fresh paint along with a simple ‘re-design’ may be what I need to feel, eh, productive?!

My ‘licensed’ business is actually Sheepy Hollow Herbs, LLC. That’s a mouthful to place on a small sign!! While I still raise organic herbs, my business today focuses more on fiber art… mostly wooly prims & sheepy folk art that I create with my farm-raised wool, handmade goat’s milk soap and herbal sundries.

I had an idea in mind for my ‘new’ sign. I began by sketching ‘Sheepy Hollow’ using a piece of chalk  –  so I could easily make any adjustments to spacing, size, and so on  –  until the layout suited me! If you need help, you could use a stencil (available at craft stores) or other alphabet template from the web. HINT: It may be helpful to identify the center of your piece and define borders/spacing and work outward. I used a half-inch flat artist’s brush and acrylic paint for the lettering.

Next, my sheepy motif. After several sheepy doodles on paper to help me visualize, I decided on a somewhat whimsical prancing sheep for the focal point on my sign (perhaps a reflection of my whimsical fiber art?).

Chalk is my best friend! I sketched my sheep onto my board, tweaked and finally painted her with two coats of acrylic paint. I sealed (weather-proofed) it with two coats of satin polyurethane. I may even apply a coat of wax… for extra protection.

The flip side of my sign is a mirror image of the other. However, I ‘cheated’ when it came time to re-draw my sheepy motif. How-To: I placed a piece of baking parchment paper over my sheep motif and TRACED the outline with a pencil. I then rubbed chalk onto the back-side of my outlined tracing, positioned it exactly on my board, and re-drew my ‘tracing’ … leaving the chalk-line impression…an exact copy of my original sheepy!! Easy peasy!!

…ready for business!

2 thoughts on “Post Fair Week

  1. I like your new sign. It has occurred to me that we have no official sign for Grouse Ridge Farm. To the drawing board! As far as the end of fair week. I’ve been down that road many, many times. Our kids have raised many meat sheep and goats and rabbits for market classes.

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