a simple little pleasure…

The right tool for the right job makes ALL the difference to the craftsman!

For instance, my gizmo for hang-drying (separating the curd from the whey) my soft cheese…BEFORE:

For several years, this has been my make-do cheese draining apparatus: butter muslin containing the soft cheese, suspended from a wood dowel between two boxes of pasta. ( BTW, you can only use the pasta boxes so many times before they finally ‘give whey’ – pun intended! – to the weight of the cheese!)

Thanks to handy-man hubby, my AFTER cheese drying apparatus:


A simple block of scrap wood ( I still want to apply some mineral oil to the surface), specially made to fit over the lip of my SS pot!

It  doesn’t take much to make this old gal HAPPY!

4 thoughts on “a simple little pleasure…

  1. I will show my handy man hubby this state of the art cheese apparatus. Does the dowel come out of the posts so you can store it flat? I usually drain my soft cheeses from the handle on the cupboard. Not so state of the art but functional. I definitely like the AFTER better. Now you won’t have to keep pasta boxes around:)

    • That’s too funny! I also used the kitchen cabinet knob and thought for sure I’d rip it out of the door over time. So, I progressed to the pasta boxes and finally my new gizmo. Yes, Dennis used two scraps of hardwood and simply drilled a hole in the top a big larger than the dowel that I slide in-and-out. It all dis-assembles very easily. The wood bock is thick enough, he made several passes and nibbled the wood from the bottom to easily slip over the edge/lip of my pot! Really very simply constructed… don’t know why it took sooooo long!? hahaha

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