{ just kidding }

I can hardly believe it’s August!! Where did summer go…??? In less than ten days ~~~~~  YIKES  ~~~~ my 4-H Goat Project kids will be packing-up their dairy and market goats and heading to the Armada 140th Annual Agricultural Fair!  The goats are a FIRST-time project for my 4-H families… and it has been a lot of fun and hard work! It has been a steep learning curve!

My goat project families all chose to purchase Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats with the exception of ONE family who purchased a pair of Boer-X market goats.

The baby goats had lots of fun… as did the girls TRYING to make them walk and ‘stacking’ them… before they got the flopsies!

I knew I wanted to do something special for my kids – they really were dedicated and worked hard…even the youngest Clover Sprout!!!

I went searching on-line for an ‘award’ for my kids. I REALLY like these!

Badger of Honor

I fell in love with this very talented artist on ETSY, Handy Maiden — but, sadly, can’t afford $$$ these sweet AWARDS.

So, alas… I came up with an idea and decided to make my own version of 1st Place Ribbon for ALL my 4-H’ers!

Each ‘AWARD’ mimics (more-or-less) each of my 4-H’ers little goaties!

Too much fun!

I hope they love them as much as I had fun creating these little goaties!! It’s the thought that counts, right?

All you need is polymer clay, wool felt, embroidery floss, acrylic paint and satin polyurethane sealer… and itty bitty fingers!

Like I said, my 4-H’ers are all winners in my mind!! WOOT WOOT!!! Way to go ladies!! Good luck at Fair!!

4 thoughts on “{ just kidding }

  1. Jenny, I didn’t know you were a 4-H Adviser. I was too, until this year when I folded our 4-H club (Top Dogs) and just decided to have clinics with the dog project kids(children). This is my 10th and final year. Time to pass the baton, been watching the Olympics, to a new and younger volunteer. We really are kindred spirits.

    • They were a lot of fun to make and the kids – two-legged species – loved them! I have a Clover Sprout in the Goat Project and at our Fair they only receive a ‘participation award’. She worked as hard as my other goat kids, so I wanted to do something special… and you can’t just hand out one child an award. 🙂

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