Upholstered Headboards

I L.O.V.E. Sadie! Her style. Her charm. An eclectic collection of interior design, fashion, photography… and her pooches!

Her ‘work’ adds a smile to my face!!

Upholstered Headboards. Swwwwweet!!


2 thoughts on “Upholstered Headboards

  1. Thanks for stopping by Jenny !
    So many interesting topics you have in your blog. Lots of lovely images. I would have loved to have one of your dried bundle of Lavender in my bedroom. I can`t resist the scent, just wonderful..

    ~ Aina ~

    • Hello Aina! Lavender is a favorite with most gardeners…such a wonderful fragrance – to scent all the linens and keep the wool stash safe from moths! I enjoy visiting your wonderful blog across the pond! Your hand-work is exceptional and every stitch made with love!!

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