A new banner pic for my facebook page…

UGH!!! Burlap! It’s so very popular right now…and expensive! I mean, really??? It’s just burlap! Folks are using it for so many crafts: scrapbooking projects, upholstery make-overs, pillows and banners/pennants!

I love the ‘lOOk’ of natural burlap, but let me tell ‘ya, I hate sewing with it! It’s not easy to work with and frays way too easily!

But, in spite of my objections, I quickly made-up the little ‘handmade’ pennant banner yesterday morning before I headed out for the day.


I drew a pennant template as my pattern and cut-out eight pennants (to spell the word ‘handmade’). Next, I applied a fine bead of ‘fray-check’ to two sides of each pennant to minimize any fraying! You could sew the raw edges as another option. I cut a length of jute garden twine and used fabric glue to attach each pennant to the twine.

With my cheap-o foam stamp letters, I applied a small amount of black acrylic paint to each letter with a paint brush, and one-by-one, stamped each letter to the burlap pennant. You could use an ink-stamp pad instead of paint or simply paint letters by hand.

You could ‘dress-up’ the banner with glitter, buttons and more. I was going for simple, more-is-less. I wanted my felted sheepies to be the main attraction, so to speak.

Hanging banners side-by-side, I thought this might be a sweet ewe-nique banner/header for my Sheepy Hollow page on Facebook. Just like the one-of-a-kind folk art I have the pleasure of creating!

Happy day! Happy Spring!

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