My Flock

I just finished making this…

…into this.

It’s overcast today, so I had difficulty taking decent photos. The gardens look so gray and dreary!

I made a paper pattern and cut four sheep from each ‘square’ of felt: a total of twelve sheep approx 5-inch X 7-inch.

Each sheep is ewe-nique, depending on how I arranged my wool fleece before wet-felting.

I simply needle felted the details: face, ears, legs. My thanks to contributions from…

… ‘Astin Martin’, my yearling Shetland ram, and

And Athos, Mr. el destructo!

…who just couldn’t be bothered to say ‘hello’.

Oh, and a big ‘thanks’ to my puppies, who directed the entire photo session!

This was a fun, no-sew wet-felting sheepy project!

6 thoughts on “My Flock

  1. I *love* these! They have such expressive faces and ears. Can’t tell from the photos, was the needle felting just the details, or they have 3D heads? I want to make some and string them all across the top of my wool room walls. Thanks for wonderful ideas.

    • Check my post from Sunday… there’s a close-up that may help? I wanted a simple simple simple NO SEW project, so I started with wet-felting a thick, dense piece of felt. I added random raw wool staples to the top/final layer for texture & interest – then wet-felted it. Once it way dry, I basically cut four equal ‘squares’ – one for each sheep. I cut a bit of a head with ear ‘tags’ at the top. The notched out top piece (where I rounded over from the head to the top of the sheep’s back) became the scrap piece that I used to form the legs. I ‘wrapped’ the ears w/contrasting wool (black) roving and needle felted it, the face, tail & legs. Happy fiber’n!

  2. Cool, I see! Thank you for sharing how to make them. That’s so perfect for the wool scraps that pile up. Wouldn’t it make the neighbors laugh to put some bigger ones up out in the front pasture?? (Will start with littles, though.) Thanks!

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