Mini FAUX Lambskin Rug

Not to worry… no harm was done to any sheep or lambs during the writing of this post!!

Say ‘hello’ to my mini lambskin sheepy ‘rug’.

I’ve wet felted several of these little splayed sheepies over time… and have one in my farm shop (my prototype) that I use to display small hand-made ceramic sheep figures. In fact, I have made them so small that they can easily fit into a Christmas greeting card  ~ world’s smallest sheepskin rug ~ that I’ve gifted to fiber friends.

THIS little sheepy rug measures approx 8 1/2 X 11 – inches.

A few weeks ago, a lady requested if I’d make her one of these little sheepskin ‘rugs’ for her 90-ish year old mother who is suffering from a rare blood cancer. Naturally, I said “yes”!

Well, Carolina dropped by the shop rather unexpectedly just this past Tuesday! YIKES!! I hadn’t even begun to THINK about making the little sheepy rug with all the holiday happenings! Thank God, she didn’t come to tell me that her mom passed-away!!!


I used my North Country Cheviot wool batt and began with several alternating layers (north/south)… leaving the edges a bit ‘rough’ and in the shape (legs, front & rear/tail end) as if it were a sheepskin pelt. Sorry folk, that’s farm life!

Once I was satisfied with my ‘layout’,  I began the initial felting process. I used a kitty litter (clean) pan to contain the water, alternating hot & cold water w/a wee squirt of Dawn dish soap added to the hot water. I like to use a bamboo place mat to help with the agitation, remember to alternate directions – shrinkage occurs in the direction you’re working the piece.

Towel blot and allow to air-dry. Then came all the tedious work of needle felting all those little ‘tufts’ of fleece… remember, I LIKE lots of texture! My bumpy sheep is kind-of my trademark. Last, I added a few details to the face!

…and there you have it!

I was told by Carolina, that she actually wants to frame the sheepie and add a Bible Scripture verse around the perimeter of the sheep.

Very nice.

3 thoughts on “Mini FAUX Lambskin Rug

    • Thanks! It’s a cutie. You’re in luck…I recently listed a lambie (approx 12X12-inches, $50) in my etsy shop. Click on the ‘my shop’ icon in the right margin for a link. I use the little lambie as a display in my shop & get many ‘inquiries’. I also do custom orders.

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