No, not a demo-nstration. Rather, a demo-lition!! YIKES!! My powder room (ie half-bath) has been DEMOLISHED! Completely and totally out-of-commission. It was supposed to be an ‘over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend’ project! Ya, right!?!

The extreme condensation ‘leakage’ from the toilet tank (cold well-water temp meets warm summer temp) over the past 22-years have finally taken its toll! A little more PM would-of, could-of possibly curtailed a major bathroom re-do!

ALL the fixtures had to be removed in order to replace the rotted wood floor. On the bright side, as I write this, I’m happy to report that the toilet has been replaced… and it is functional. WOOT WOOT! So much for being a pioneer-woman!??? I l.i.k.e. my modern conveniences!

I also have new sheet linoleum flooring. The bathroom vanity still has to be replaced/installed. It’s been sitting in a box in the garage for a couple of months. I removed the former wallpaper, etc. We plan to re-paint the walls and place bead-board on the ceiling too.

I’ll keep you ‘posted’. It’s likely to take a while…in the grand scheme of things!

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