New Grain Feeder.

I have a new grain feeder for my sheep! I raise a small ‘spinners’ flock of Shetland sheep: four breeding ewes and two ‘retirees’. They are my pampered pooches for sure!

My ‘girls’ normally are on grass most of the year… and as long as weather conditions allow. I supplement with hay only through the harsh winter months when all is snow-covered. My ‘girls’ receive a small amount of grain to prepare for breeding (ie flushing) and then again late in their pregnancy.

Normally, I distribute several rubber feed dishes around their pen, dump the grain and they proceed to play ‘musical dishes’ to see who can scarf-up the most grain in the least amount of time!

The idea for my new PVC-pipe feeder is nothing new, but I’ve wanted hubby to make me one for some time. It’s constructed from 8-inch diameter PVC pipe. It’s not cheap…a 10-foot length is approx $50.  Hubby cut the pipe in half and into a 6-foot length (with three additional feeders: another 6-foot piece, and two 4-foot feeders yet to be constructed).

The ‘supports’ on the ends of the pipe and center were made from scrap wood ( 2X6 lumber). The PVC pipe cap end’s are very expensive… and the wood works just fine!

Now, everyone can belly-up to the table, and no-one has to jockey for position! I want happy sheep!

 Hey!! Did someone mention FOOD!!!!?!

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