A sheepy make-over…

There once was a simple prim doll who lived in an ‘off-the-beaten-path’ little shop called Sheepy Hollow. She sooooo wanted to be loved! She could hear the sheep playing and baaing outside the shop window. She knew they were loved by the little old lady shopkeep. She sighed…. oh, how she dreamed of becoming a sheep so that she would find a loving home.

The kindly old lady ‘heard’ the little prim doll’s deepest desires. She pulled out her sheepy wool stash and needle felted warm fuzzy wool onto her head, legs and arms! Then she stitched on two fuzzy ears to hear, and black beads for eyes to see all around. 

She even glued on a little rusty heart to let her know that she was loved very much! She filled a tea-stained muslin sack with lavender and more wool and stamped the letters w-o-o-l onto the sack for her to carry!

Oh, how happy she was to run and play with all her sheepy friends…

Maybe now, someone would take her home and love her too!

The End!

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