Welcome Thunder!

For the past several weeks, I’ve been working with the great folks at True Heart MinPin Rescue to ‘adopt’ a Great Pyreneese.  I’m happy to report that ‘THUNDER’, a three-year old Great Pyreneese/Golden finally came home!

I’d like you to meet THUNDER, the latest addition to our family!


Thunder is t-h-e sweetest, timid and well-behaved dog I know! She transports/rides in the car exceptionally well (her foster home was in Kentucky). We’ve been working slowly with Thunder to introduce her to our barnyard menagerie. So many strange new sounds and sights all-around…a bit overwhelming! BUT, we have been making progress.

Thunder has  moved from her crate and private accommodations into a co-ed shared living quarters with Riley, our 11-year-old German Shepherd. (I know Riley loves the company – since we lost Bo.)

Today is the first day, I think, Thunder is actually happy to see me! YEAH! We go on loooong walks…


…with Riley leading the way.

My goats and sheep are all anxious to meet Thunder, but she’s having none of that…yet.

…not quite sure what to make of them??? I think I’ll observe them from a safe distance!

We’re in no hurry.

Take your time, Thunder. You’re home to stay!

2 thoughts on “Welcome Thunder!

  1. congratulations! i had a lovely great pyranese. he was the sweetest creature. if i ever get another dog, i hope to have a pair of pyranese. thunder will have a grand time when she’s all settled in.

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