Little Progress

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say… do-it-yourself projects never seem to go according to plan! Life’s little diversions, the un-seen, the un-planned bits and pieces that all too often de-rail the best intentions. It’s ok. It just happens…and most importantly, it’s no one’s fault.

The rain and cooler temps, hubby’s work/travel schedule and my focused attention to prepare ONLY for the past fiber show… have all attributed to minimal progress on the screened-in back porch.

The back-porch has been painted (yeah), but still requires a second application on the floor ~ as soon as the weather co-operates?? We even managed to ‘freshen’ the front porch…

Hubby spent last weekend tinkering with ‘finishing’ details and re-installing the house siding.

As for my half-bath (powder room) re-do…ha ha ha. House guests have inquired if it’s ok to use ‘the facilities’. LOL

Well, let’s just say it’s prepped & ready for the next stage of demo. We need a good solid weekend to remove the stool, flooring and vanity…and replace/re-install the same…and have functionality by the end of the day!

That doesn’t mean I can’t still decorate. 😉

Before I sign-off, I wanted to share my latest flea market find: a $2.50 hand-carved little sheepy pull toy. Sweet!

BTW, that’s a fuzzy sheep pillow I hand-felted/needle felted for a friend ~ in the background.


The sun is shining here. I hope you enjoy your day!


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