Fiber Project for the Day

Today I finished up several HAND-felted sheepy pillows ~ or ~ sachets? Are they sachets when you fill them full of sweet herbal goodness from the garden…regardless of their size??

I’ve been wet felting since I have owned my sheep. I never get tired ~ or bored ~ making sweet sheep!

Love those sheep!

I haven’t ’embellished’ them much…but, you could add buttons, tassels, flowers, bobble & what-nots. I did add a rusty bell & heart…

The fabric was made by wet felting my wool roving. Think of it as my canvas…which I then needle felted my sheep…again using my wool roving as my media or ‘paint’. I love texture; I also used mohair yarn.


I used recycled wool fabric for the back of the pillows.

I describe the wet felting process in other posts, but I also put together a little ‘how-to’ booklet on the subject.


I hope my sheepies find their way to new homes… and they smell good!


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