Fiber Break

Yesterday I needed a break from fiber’n. I worked in the garden (still pick’n lavender), infused honey w/herbs, assembled my little how-to felt & needle felt booklets and…

I dyed ‘onsies’…with some Rit ‘cocoa brown’ dye I had in my junk drawer. Following the package directions, I placed a few random rubber bands on the onsie and tossed them into the dye pot ~ five at a time. The initial five onsies are a beautiful chocolate-brown.

There was a lot of pigment left in the pot, so I tossed in five more onsies (pre-soaked and rubber-banded) to exhaust the dye…they’re the lighter tan…eh? I like the ‘chocolate’ better.

I made little twig hangers from a few tree branches and wire ~ for display. I thought they’d be cute with little knitted/felted sheepy booties. Yah, right! Not in time for the fiber show…

This would be a cute project for a baby shower. Allow all the guests to dye a onsie and gift them to the mommy-to-be.

Well, back to work. So much to do and so little time! No idle hands here!!!

4 thoughts on “Fiber Break

  1. Question about fabric dyeing: If I presoak the fabric will the color come up lighter most of the time? I was browsing cocoa brown rit dye jobs and google and found this. I considered getting tan instead of brown but thought it might be took light. I want to achieve the lighter color you got.

    • You should always pre-soak/wet your fiber before dyeing! Helps with even take-up of the color. The depth/color depends on the amount/weight of dye stuff to the weight of fabric being dyed; more concentrate/deeper color. I simply ‘exhausted’ the dye bath (used up what color concentrate was left after the first batch of tees) and you see the ‘weaker’ concentrate of color resulted in a lighter tan (versus the initial cocoa brown).

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