Easy Sunflower Brooch

I made an easy sunflower brooch…with recycled wool. I chose a brown tweed wool for the sunflower center. First, I cut a strip of wool about 1-inch wide and 18-inches long (about arm-length). I folded the strip in half lengthwise and began to ‘roll’ it up (like a jelly roll, neat and tight) adding a dab of hot glue as I go to hold it in shape. Make it as large as you like…mine is about 1-3/4 inch diameter.

Next, for the petals, I used a gold/yellow felted wool. I cut the individual petals to the size I liked…about 30 petals to fit around the center. Rather than glue/sew them individually to the brown center, I attached them all to a thin wire ‘frame‘. (Similar to the mini-wreaths I made with 1-inch square wool bits?) String all the wool petals onto the thin wire, poking the wire thru the bottom of the petals. Keep adding petals until you encompass the brown center. Cut the wire and twist the ends together. Double-check: Make sure the petals will easily, but snuggly, fit around the center piece of the sunflower. Dab a bit of hot glue from the back to secure the petals into place.

I cut (pinked) a piece of green wool to ‘finish’ the back of the brooch and added a pin-back.  My finished sunflower brooch is approx. 4-3/4 inches wide.

Think Fall!



2 thoughts on “Easy Sunflower Brooch

  1. This is darling and I want to make one for my sister in law who is currently going thru Chemo and loves sunflowers! I am sure this will cheer her up!! A few questions for you about the petals — what shape are they? Long skinny rectangles or more petal shaped? Are the edges rolled?

    • Hi Wendy! So sorry to hear about your sister-in-law, but, I’m sure she will love it!! I usually raise sunflowers in the garden, so I tried to shape them into what Mother Nature already ‘designed’. I used a really thick piece of recycled wool (a former sweater) that I felted. I cut the petals to a bit of a point on one end and more square-ish on the other end. I cut a length of fine gauge floral wire and ‘strung’ the petals onto the wire as if I were stringing beads… poking the wire thru the squarish end. Arrange them as you go, nicely packed. When you have enough to encompass your sunflower center, twist the wire and cut it. Add a dab of fabric glue/hot glue to the petals here and there to secure to your sunflower center. The edges are not rolled! That’s the thickness of the felted wool. Hope this helps?

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