Rain Day + Fiber.

I’m done felting soap…for now. Still have to wrap & package it, but it’ll be ready for the Mt. Bruce Station Fiber Festival.

It’s  usually one of my best seller’s, soap wrapped in wool then felted. It’s like a built-in scrubby wash cloth. And, when the soap is expired, re-use the little felted sack! No waste. 😉

Next, I made a primitive ‘W-O-O-L’ sheepy clay swag…does this qualify as fiber art??

 I recently purchased a small old wood box…square nails and all! I’d like to make a ‘special’ prim wooly sheep to affix to the interior lid. I’m still think’n on it, but will keep you posted with what I decide. It’s so dark & stormy outside, picture-taking isn’t the greatest.

I’m also thinking AUTUMN/FALL and all the glorious earthy fall colors. BTW, I had to turn the car heater on today…GAK!  So, I will be making a variety of flower-y pins to accessorize coats, bags, etc. Here’s a sneak peek made from recycled wool. Maybe I can sneak in a prim Halloween-y sheep or two??

I have a million ideas, hope I can get to it…so much to do! Hope you’re safe and staying dry where you are!

4 thoughts on “Rain Day + Fiber.

  1. I love those soaps and my 4-H kids loved making them…one of my favorite field trips!
    Also, I love these roses in the tea cups. Great gifts…I must come over and shop!


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