Odds + Ends

We’ve been working like maniacs on ‘The Back-Porch’. We’re painting and staining all over the place, between raindrops, 96-degree heat and humidity. We were hoping for completion by the Labor Day holiday – (NOT) – so we could actually use/enjoy ‘the back porch’? Ya know, for the last family barbecue? No way! The kids are silently protesting, complaining that we’ve ruined their last week of Summer vacation. I wonder if there’s any child labor laws involved? I simply reply…’family bonding time.’ Or, how about: ‘You’ll soon be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.’  lol 

Hubby is working on making all the screen panels. The last two panels for the door were 4-inches too big! GAK! Had to re-fabricate more panels to replace the slightly too-big over-sized door panels!!

Round two. GAK! Another half-inch off! I think I would have had a major melt-down by now, but hubby persevered!!? What happened to… ‘measure twice and cut once?’ Don’t do anything when you’re in a hurry! Murphy’s Law: If it can go wrong – it will go wrong?? Our projects always seem to take longer than initially planned – does that ONLY happen to us?

In the meantime, I’m able to squeak in a few fiber & extra projects, to calm my nerves, before I drop from exhaustion…and IF my fingers still work.

I found this heavy-duty/industrial ‘lab’ stool at the flea market for $5. The label reads property of U of M.

A little paint and stain…

Not sure where or how I’ll use this stool…yet.

A Sheepy Hollow customer mentioned they wanted a ‘cornflower‘ blue felted sheepy bowl.  I checked my fiber stash and came up with three different ‘blues’. I haven’t had a chance to needle felt a sheep on it yet.

 Hmmm….which one comes closest to cornflower blue?

…and, I’ve been felting more ‘sheepy’ soap (soap wrapped in wool with a sheepy motif) for the fiber fest I’m vending at Mt. Bruce Sheep Station at the end of the month.

In the kitchen, I’ve also been making cheese for my chickens! Yup, for my chickens! I have a surplus of goat milk right now that I haven’t had much opportunity to do anything with…and I can’t bear to DUMP. So, I add a little A.C. vinegar to separate the curds from whey and viola ~ cheese! I guess the chicks can use a little extra calcium, yes?! They’ve grown quite fond of my cheese treat and usually accompany me during my milking routine!

Take care! I hope you’re enjoying good, clean family fun this holiday weekend!

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