A work in progress…

Since it’s too HOT to work outside, we thought perhaps it’s a good opportunity to re-do our half bath…aka powder room.

Trust me, it’s long overdue. The real need for the re-do is attributed to the major condensation ‘leakage’ from the toilet tank, accumulative damage to the floor over the past 20 years or so.

The wallpaper is coming down and the walls will receive a fresh coat of paint – a neutral color most likely. We’re planning on putting bead board on the ceiling. I’d love to replace the sink and ‘vanity’ with a farmhouse looking pedestal sink, but I really need the storage a cabinet has to offer. I may just paint the existing vanity/cabinet to change it up a bit – to look like a piece of furniture – and antique it to show the appearance of wear?

Did I mention we’re replacing the flooring?

I’d love an old farmhouse door! 

I’m also looking for an antique (medicine) cabinet to hang above the toilet.  

I’m keeping/re-painting the light fixture and mirror.

Well, like I said…it’s a work in progress. Stay tuned for updates.

Hope you’re coping with the heat!

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