What do you do with left-over faux grain sack cotton duck from a ‘foot stool’ re-do???

How about wonderfully *heavenly* scented, lavender-filled, faux grain sack pillows??

I painted different patterned stripes (using blue acrylic paint) –  some thick, thin, single & multiples – on the cotton duck ‘remnants’ (each pillow measures roughly 6-inch X 6-inch). With right sides facing, sew approx 1/4″ seam on each side…remember to leave an opening to be able to add lavender (or stuffing). Add a ‘pretty’ hang tag/label and a hand-crafted clay lamb tag – finally, I found just the right embellishment for my lamb tags!! S-W-E-E-T!

I love how these turned out!

A little something to freshen a little corner…don’t ya think?

2 thoughts on “Left-Overs

    • OMG!!!! Someone ‘famous’ coming to my little shop???? No way! 😉 I would love to meet you!!
      BTW, I made your sea salt rosemary shortbread for the Romeo Garden Walk…everyone devoured it!

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