Faux Grain Sack Footstool **Revisited**

I thought I’d share my finished French-y footstool… French because I painted it a chippy white with country blue accent stripes painted on my faux grain sack covering.

I forgot to take a before photo of my flea market footstool bargain. It was stained/varnished wood with a badly worn & torn tapestry ‘top’. The first thing I did was remove the wood screws that secured the top to the base of the footstool. Once the top was separated, I carefully removed and discarded the bazillion upholstery tacks from the old fabric. This is what the ‘padding’ looked like – some type of matted/felted horse-hair, I think?

Here’s my re-finished footstool.


Yes, another graphic iron-on sheep transfer…why not? But, first things first. I cut a piece of cotton duck (available at most fabric shops) several inches larger than the wood plank I was re-covering. I then measured and painted on the country blue stripes with acrylic paint and masking tape: 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch stripes. Then, centered and ironed-on the sheep transfer. I hand-painted the ‘Spun Wool, Est. 1865’ and the ‘wreath’ also with black acrylic paint. I finally sanded the surface a bit to ‘age’ it, added new padding and stapled the fabric to the solid wood base, carefully stretching and turning over the corners neatly.

The footstool was sanded, painted, sanded and stained (for instant age), and finished with a paste wax.

The new grain sack top was attached to the base with wood screws.

Vous ne pensez pas?

2 thoughts on “Faux Grain Sack Footstool **Revisited**

  1. Hi Jenny. I have to tell you that I LOVE what you did to the footstool. I was glad to read that you waxed it when it was all finished, giving it a really nice finish. I enjoyed reading your comment this morning and happy to know that you still come back to read my blog. It’s glorious here today, hope it is in your next of the woods too!

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