Sheep play too!

Fair is fair. Hubby built the goats a split level ‘play’ fort a while ago. We dismantled our grown kids fort and reused/recycled the lumber for the goats’ playhouse. They have fun, exercise and endless hours of playtime. So, it seems only fair that the sheep also have a sort of play platform too!

A work in-progress, so far, we recycled wood from another project (the decking from an old hay wagon) to build a ramp and deck/platform for the sheep. We’re going to add another lower/split level deck – half the height of the existing deck. Later, perhaps we’ll enclose/add a doghouse-type shelter to the top-level?

The lambs race up and down the ramp while ‘mama’ rests in the shade below.

The lambs are growing so fast! Here’s the first ewe lamb grey katmoget…and her sister, my lap lamb! She appears black, but she’s gray/silver.

Dove’s ram lamb has nearly tripled his birth weight.

…and his sibling, a black ewe lamb.

Last, Sara’s little single ram lamb. I’m really fond of this little guy!

He’s ALL legs!

A real cutie.

Is it any wonder that I can’t get any work done cuz I’m either PLAYING with baby goats or baby sheep???


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