The right tool for the job…

If you’ve visited Sheepy Hollow before, you know I l-o-v-e my sheepies. My sheep have been a part of my life for nearly two decades. They are the focus of much of my wooly and mixed media ‘art’ work that I sell in my little farm shop.  My ‘Spun Wool’ sheep above is painted on canvas…free-hand. You can imagine my surprise to find this spun wool sheep ‘sign’ painted on reclaimed wood by Miss Mustard Seed. I love it and would look great in my sheepy home!!

photo courtesy miss mustard seed

Marian, decorative painter, junker, gifted artist, designer and so much more (owner of Mustard Seed Interiors)…provides inspiration, shares tips, and provides step-by-step how-to make-over furniture projects! If you love French Country, chippy, reclaimed furniture, you must visit her blog. I love her blog! Need I say more? Tip: Marion suggests using a projector to help create/lay-out for signs and such. Wish I had a projector…

Ah, well, ’til then…

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