Lamb Tyme…

 Life buds forth!

I roll (well, maybe more of a crawl) out of bed at 4 a.m. for chores – to capitalize on hubby’s ‘help’ before he leaves for work. I anxiously inspect the sheep and count noses…all present and accounted for…with no ‘extras’.

After 6 a.m.milking, another ‘bed-check’. Dove has gone missing! Apparently, she wandered out back to the shed for a little privacy while lambing. Twins: one HST ram lamb and one black ewe lamb waiting to greet me!

Handsome little guy…love that one black eye/one white eye!

Little sis…

…just hours old. Love her face with ‘freckles’!

Is this leftover molasses water for ME?

Hey…save some for me too! (BTW, Corey is ALL better!)

Another blessed day!

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