My Little Black Book…

Actually, it’s more of a dark walnut brown with black binding, quite tattered and visibly worn measuring a nondescript 4″X5-5/8″. I found it at the Armada Flea Market late last fall, rummaging through a pile of old books.

The title page reads: The Life and Adventures of Mrs. Anna Kremer. Written by herself. Together with an appendix, containing 260 valuable recipes, medical, cooking and miscellaneous. Published in Detroit: Daily Post Book and Job Printing Establishment, 1871.

I purchased the little book for $2 because I was intrigued by the appendix with Anna’s ‘recipes’! 

The little book is all of 126-pages.

A very interesting read…a glimpse of what life was like for Anna in the mid to late 1800’s as a child, young wife/mother. Anna’s experience of childbirth, the loss of a child, deception, forsaken and cast away in ‘the cursed County House’ by her husband…all taking place nearby the village of Lyons, county of Ionia, Michigan and Stark county, State of Ohio where Anna was born.

As Anna states in the preface: “This little work is a true sketch of the most thrilling scenes and interesting incidents in the life of Mrs. Anna Kremer, interspersed with sentimental poetry, and containing an appendix of over two hundred and sixty of the most valuable recipes among which are medical recipes of all kinds, cooking recipes, coloring recipes, horse recipes, miscellaneous recipes, etc.”

An interesting read. A gem of a find! Worthy of a bit of further research…into the history of Anna, daughter of Joseph and Rachel Frost, born in Stark county, State of Ohio, in the year 1841, on the 31st day of May.

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