Surprise, surprise…more bucklings!

Yup! Coriander held off kidding ’til this morning chores…I was think’n about spending the nite in the barn ~ last nite~ but, found her in early labor at 4 a.m.

Welcome two MORE bucklings…Oberhasli bucklings! We have six bucklings all-together!

Only a couple of hours old…

Chow hound…taking a break for a quick pic!

Mom and kids are doing well! That’s a wrap for kidding around here. Katie said she’s running out of ‘car’ names for the bucklings! I can think of a few more…

I think I’ll put a pot of coffee on, pull out the knitting needles…cuz it’s SNOWING again!!! ARG!

Stay tuned…three Shetland ewes will be lambing in May. Hopefully it’s warmer, actually spring-like??

2 thoughts on “Surprise, surprise…more bucklings!

  1. Jenny, looks the same around my place. I’ve been transplanting alot of daylilies. We put in two new apple trees, two grape vines and two blueberries. I had three alpines freshen. My old doe had twin does, her two year old daughter had a doe and a buck, and then her three year old, second freshener had triplet bucks:( I bought a new buck kid this year from Addihill Alpines. This is the second buck we have bought from Mary. Nice conformation and lots of milk. I just love my goat milk.

  2. Hi Tari! Happy Easter! Nice to hear from you! 😉
    Oh, Hubby won’t let me keep a buck…have to go out for breeding! I love my goats and their wonderful milk!

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