Taking a baby break.

Friday I took a ‘kidding’ baby break, that is. The kids were being well-looked after by momma(s), and Coriander isn’t due to kid for a few more days…I’ll bet she comes early!

We needed a few essentials, like groceries, so, while I was out, I sneaked in a quick visit to my LYS (local yarn shop). Heritage Spinning and Weaving is located in Lake Orion, less than 30-minutes away. Besides, I had to re-do Joan’s shop windows ~ away with St Patty’s and bring on Easter bunnies!?

I visited with colorful Deb, an art-sy gal right down to the tip of her toes ~ who was holding down the shop! The shop looks great and is always a joy to visit! Joan’s taking down walls and re-decorating…a spring freshening!

My reason for visiting Heritage was two-fold: I wanted to drop-off some lye for Tress, my spinning buddy and fiber friend (also one of the ladies at the shop)…since I may not make it to spinning guild next week ~ due to kidding? Tress wants to explore soapmaking; I brought her 1 pound of lye to help her get started!

Meanwhile, Tress had read something I mentioned in my blog about ‘not having any white/natural cotton in the house’. Recall my ‘purple’ sheepy wash cloth??Look what Tress gifted me when we rendezvoused at the shop…

It’s a beautiful skein of oh so soft hand spun, organic cotton! It’s really yummy yarn by Blue Sky Alpacas. Thanks Tress! I have another sheep pattern for a VERY special wash cloth!

Also, while at Heritage, the Spring 2011 issue of Wild Fibers caught my eye!

There, on the cover reads, ‘Stonehedge Fiber Mill Goes Global’. Hey, that’s my fiber mill…where I’ve been processing my wool since 1998, when they first started the business! I couldn’t be more pleased and proud! YAY! I just love Deb and Chuck and the whole crew at Stonehedge! Congrats!

Now, I better get my wool fleece skirted and packaged-up for Stonehedge! And… please support local businesses!

Have a great weekend!

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