Counting Sheep

I’ve been preoccupied with sheep these past few days…working on a ‘custom’ needle felting job for a friend.  But, also here on the farm, we’ve sheared the sheep (plus one ‘fiber’ goat, Brutus, our Pygora). We actually delayed shearing this year to the END of March compared to last year due to the cold weather! Even so, still too cold! Brrrr…pleeeze send warmer weather!

We had a busy Saturday at Metropark’s Wolcott Farm Annual Sheep Shearing event. While farm visitors observed the sheep being sheared in the barn, we were warm inside the farmhouse kitchen dyeing wool with Kool-Aid. We rekindled old friendships with talented fiber folk including a weaver, hand spinners and rug hookers… who were also demonstrating their fiber skills!

All the while, hubby was home cutting another hole in the barn to create another inny-outy holding pen for the lambs/goat kids.  You can never have too many pens!? On the TO-DO list…once the ground thaws, we’ll need to reinforce/re-build the dividing ‘fence-line’ between the rams’ pens which took a pounding this winter. Also, we’d like to construct a shed roof and ANOTHER turn-out area on the south wall of the ‘back’ barn.

And NO…just in case you’re wondering…you NEVER run out of chores (aka wish list) on the farm! 


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